Sometimes the worst nightmares do come true. One woman’s shameful secret threatens to undermine her privileged and carefully tended life of principle and responsibility.

Nora Hammond seems to have the perfect life, a charming husband, two bright teenaged children, an esteemed role in the charitable organizations of her New England town, even a nationally reported commendation from the president of the United States for her faith-based work at Sojourn House, a shelter for abused women and their children. But her comfortable existence begins to unravel when she learns of her husband Ken’s long affair—and also when the specter of a sordid incident from her youth returns with terrifying force. Confronted by shame and betrayal, Nora finds herself stalked by a man she desperately fears. Because she cannot admit the truth about herself to a single soul, there is no one who can help her.

Nora feels betrayed by her much-admired husband, their close circle of “dear” old friends, and worse, even her children, vivacious Chloe and sensitive Drew. Nora must walk a precarious tightrope between exposure and holding her family together. She becomes easy prey to the deadly ghost from her past, Eddie Hawkins, a relentless and cunning sociopath.

Almost as devastating for Nora as Ken’s affair is the revelation of her best friend’s duplicity. Robin and Bob Gendron and their children have been like family to the Hammonds. Through the years, they’ve vacationed and partied together and deeply cared for one another. But now that Nora is confronted with the depth of her blind and foolish trust, she must ask if the reason she did not know the truth was because she chose not to.

The Last Secret is told both by Nora Hammond and by Eddie Hawkins. All these years later Eddie is beat-up and desperate for a new start. And, he is a cold, calculating killer. He sees prosperous Nora Hammond as his ticket to the good life. However, in the process, he will be as easily consumed by Robin Gendron’s genuine kindness and affection as everyone else who has ever known her. But this, like all of Eddie’s obsessions, will threaten everyone with a violence none could have imagined.

A tautly told tale of psychological tension, The Last Secret accelerates to a shattering conclusion as it explores the irreparable consequences of two families’ dangerous secrets.