“Morris’ finely crafted prose – simple and lyrical – captures perfectly that sliver of pre-adolescence when the very world around us seems to shudder and shift, when the adults we admire suddenly reveal their flaws, and everything we treasure seems to be slipping away. The journey of Nellie (Peck) recalls the central thread of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” where violence and tragedy also propel Scout Finch into a deeper understanding of human nature.  Morris … nimbly laces her latest novel with a growing sense of dread …”
—The Associated Press by Monica Rhor

“A timeless and timely look at small town life….Morris’ page-turner, (which evokes To Kill a Mockingbird) will satisfy her fans and send new readers searching for her earlier titles.”
Publishers Weekly

“Mary McGarry Morris doesn’t so much tell a story as spin a delicate and powerful web. With her elegant prose, beautifully drawn characters, and perfect pitch dialog, she lured me in.  And with her intense and gripping plot, she had me ensnared.  I was in love with the sensitive, smart and plucky Nellie from the very first moment I met her and I’ll be thinking of her for a good long time.  Light From a Distant Star is a wonderful, powerful novel not to be missed.”
–Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of Fragile

“Morris possesses the ability to speak for those who struggle to find a voice in greater society while creating an intriguing plot to keep the pages rolling.”
–Adult Books 4 Teens

“… this heart-wrenching novel is a moving and powerful story of the loss of innocence.”
–StaticMultimedia/Casey Gans

 ” … a great read, with well-drawn characters, and a thought-provoking conclusion.”
–Brodart Vibe’s Blog

“It’s impossible to set aside ‘Light from a Distant Star’ once you begin.  Mary McGarry Morris deftly transports readers to Springvale, a small town where we meet 13-year-old Nellie.  Her journey makes for a riveting read … ”
 -The Missourian by Book Editor, Chris Stuckenschneider