Abandoned as a baby by Natalie, her stunning young mother, and unsure of her father’s identity, Fiona Range has been raised by her prominent uncle, Judge Charles Hollis and his wife, her proper Aunt Arlene.  Now thirty years old, Fiona has developed a high threshold for emotional pain.  Her recklessness, generosity, and abysmally poor judgment have landed her in more scrapes than her disapproving family, often offended friends, and affluent community can tolerate.

Beautiful, volatile, and smart-tongued (or trashy, erratic, and wild, depending on whom you ask), Fiona hits rock bottom, waking up with a “strange” man in her bed after a hapless end to a party.  Alienated from relatives and friends, but determined to change, Fiona, as always, turns to the men in her life: cruel and unstable Patrick Grady, a disturbed Vietnam War veteran who was once deeply in love with Fiona’s mother, Natalie, and continues to angrily deny that Fiona is his daughter; wealthy and spoiled Todd Prescott, her high school boyfriend; and the lonely and steadfast George Grimshaw, whose heart has been broken by Elizabeth Hollis, Fiona’s cousin, with whom she was raised.

The arrival home of gentle Elizabeth with Doctor Rudy Larkin, her fiancé, in tow sparks a storm where past mistakes and current passions collide.  Rudy’s attraction to Fiona is as puzzling as it is powerful, and can lead only to confusion and pain.

Fiona Range is the compelling story of a tragic mystery, of goodness overwhelmed by desire, of perilous obsession, and of dangerous betrayals committed in the name of love.