“Morris is a master storyteller, an acute observer of small-town America and of people who struggle, sometimes in vain, to have lives that amount to more than hard work and a cold bed… Fiona Range, the novel, is a wealth of passion and heartbreak.”
—USA Today

“Propels the reader along so swiftly, the novel can be devoured in one sitting… A fascinating portrait of a woman whose instinctive sense of a mystery about herself leads her to uncover that secret at all costs.”
—Chicago Tribune

“While Morris’ earlier work has often been compared to Steinbeck and McCullers, here she seems unmistakably under the spell of the Bronte sisters… Morris grounds her storytelling with compelling characterizations and masterful plotting.”
—New York Newsday

“Utterly engrossing… Fiona teeters in the brink of social ostracism, and Morris brings her to life in a tour de force of dialogue and detail… Morris is in complete charge of her hardscrabble literary territory-ragged psyches, busted-up lives-and Fiona is without question her most complicated, compelling character to date.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“She can bring the ordinary to life with the sheer clarity of vision. She knows how a house with children in it sounds at night, what the heat and bustle in a kitchen feel like before a family dinner and how indiscretions arise in a dining room when everyone is flushed with wine.”
—New York Times Book Review

“Morris has expertly mirrored how most people regard their families, feeling affectionate and warm one minute, cold and judgmental the next. The resilience Morris gives Fiona’s family is understated, familiar and extremely realistic… What’s more, Fiona Range is just plain entertaining.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“As readable as its heroine is compulsive, this is the kind of book that makes you stay up half the night and (like its heroine) hate yourself in the morning.”
—The New Yorker