“Welcome to the world of Mary McGarry Morris—and what a world it is. Richly atmospheric, bristling with dialogue, so tightened with suspense it threatens to snap. Morris is a master at sympathetic portraits of those clinging to the peripheries of society. And nowhere is her talent more evident than in her extraordinary new novel, A Hole in the Universe. Morris [is] a superb storyteller…and [her] undeniable compassion for and intuitive understanding of her characters’ lives make us know and care about these people, too.”
—Washington Post

“Mary McGarry Morris has a brilliant talent for exploring the dark side of normalcy. She depicts damaged individuals in a way that makes them real, makes them hurt, makes you hope for them. A Hole in the Universe is McGarry Morris’ fourth novel and latest achievement. The book is gritty and compelling, placing ordinary characters in extraordinary circumstances. McGarry Morris once again succeeds in shaking up notions of good, bad and normal. She looks desperation right in the eye and then moves it to the house next door, the person across the street. She reveals the inexplicable holes in our well-meaning universe.”
—Rocky Mountain News

“Mary McGarry Morris is adept at creating characters we want to follow, even if their paths do take them to crime and jail. [A Hole in the Universe] is a compelling and poignant read about a man who doesn’t believe he can start his life over, and the people around him who are determined to help him take the first steps.”
—Chicago Tribune