The Last Secret

My newest novel, The Last Secret, will be published on April 7, 2009.

The last few weeks before publication are always hectic, and this time is no exception. At this stage the hardest part is putting aside what I’ve been working on in order to give full attention to The Last Secret, a story that has intrigued me for a very long time.

A writer will have countless story ideas through the years. Some are so fleeting they’ll never get past a barely legible note scribbled on a napkin, an eight or ten page treatment, or maybe even a detailed outline. There are always false starts, wonderful characters, and great stories that for whatever reason just won’t come to life. Most drift away forgotten, but then there are those that refuse to stay in the file box or the closet. They trickle into the writer’s thoughts from time to time until the day comes when their particular voices drown out everything else.  For me, that is the moment when the characters inhabit the idea. Once that happens, I am theirs. And the journey begins.

And so it was with this book. It began one day with a vague sense of dread and the chilling thought of some menace from the past arriving in full heat at the door, demanding entrance to one’s comfortably settled life. I knew who the focal characters were, but it would take years before I came to understand exactly who they were. The Last Secret is a psychological portrait of those two polar characters, refined and educated Nora Hammond and sociopathic Eddie Hawkins, a destitute drifter. Their meeting again after so many years will be both explosive and damaging to the lives of everyone around them.

I hope you’ll be as intrigued by The Last Secret as I was in its writing.


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